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Hey! Not that anyone cares, but I'm a flash programinator! And just so you know, I do it out of pure fun. My site cl-17.com may seem serious, but it really isn't. Play the games and join the forums while your there!

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Knyszekanimated's News

Posted by Knyszekanimated - May 14th, 2010

Changed my account, this one's waaay too hard to find:

New Account: angryshroom


Posted by Knyszekanimated - April 23rd, 2010


I'm working on a sequel, its in Flixel too! Yay AS3!

Posted by Knyszekanimated - February 13th, 2010

New Game!

Made in approx. 3 days.
Its a small project I started on Wednesday, and finished yesterday (Friday), and should be in the portal by the end of the day!

Following my "tradition" of games, it is a hard game, but I toned it down and made more of a curve. I worked hard on this and I'm proud to say it is a Valentine's Day Submission! It features lyrics of a 26-line poem written by a friend of mine, who will make an account so I can finally submit this motha! (he deserves SOME credit too y'know) I'll have the full poem posted here on this page and in the comments box below the game.

I'm not going to reveal much more, but I hope you like it, as it is a new experiment in level design for me.

EDIT: Its in the PORTAL!


The full poem as it was meant to be read:

In life there are many question that I could be asking
Is life real, do I feel, am I everlasting?
And the last thing, when I am collapsing to the floor
To my death, is my breath the very last thing?

Does my heart get colder? Do i just grow older?
Will you listen or will my vision just glisten over
What is earth, what is space, does it end
Or does it bend at least%uFEFF lend me a little faith for pretend

Where did we come from? Where are we going
We dont know but we float on a rock like weve noticed the motions
N%uFEFF emotion is showing cause explosions still blowing
Im hoping we closing a chapter so a new one will open

But love is intangible I cant stand how we hug it
We cant handle unknown so we disband of the subject
Its standing above us, can reach it together span is humongous
So take a deep breath enter the deep end, we expand through each other

but then i realised she was like an atomic bomb
with everyword there was destruction, arguments that destroyed the calm
she carried seduction inn%uFEFF her purse and napalm in her palm
ether sneakers, acid in her tongue
i wanted a river of her love, now i lost sight of the sun
drowning in a sea of debris, gaining weakness in my lungs
i remember..after she detonated, i mean after she actually left my embraces
i felt i was invaded enslaved by heartbreak i couldn escape it
to think i wanted my cup to overflow
..poison overdose

-Mike Knyszek

Posted by Knyszekanimated - November 1st, 2009

So... RubberTankZ (it was supposed to be 2, if you wanna know the story go to here.*) was just put into the portal! w00t!!

*There were so many changes and improvements, that it was like 2 sequels ahead of the original. So hence, RubberTankZ.


Posted by Knyszekanimated - December 11th, 2008

RubberTank2: Battlefield will be released 1/24/09 hopefully. It will be a large improvement over the original. Unfortunately, I just got a huge amount of ideas for RB2. The good news is it will be an enormous improvement over the original. Bad news is, it will take 2 weeks longer. I'm currently only about 40% finished overall.

Update: 12/30/08

Due to my insanity, the new one will have a storyline, and will not include a quick play mode. It will be just a straight play-through. Your score will be recorded just like the first one and will be added on between the three levels and you can submit it in the end. The gameplay will be strong with 4 types of enemies, and a boss at the end. The first two levels will have more like mini-bosses. Below are some of my Scripts/Ideas to PROVE I'm actually doing something:


Posted by Knyszekanimated - September 15th, 2008

Although I did make a new game, don't give up hope. RubberTank2 is still in the works and I will be posting updates!

Of course, for a more detailed update visit my site with the link to the left.

Posted by Knyszekanimated - September 3rd, 2008

School started... All games on slowdown... self-destruction in 3... 2... 1... ... wtf?....

/* */

Posted by Knyszekanimated - August 11th, 2008

Yep... I've already started on it. Below is a ScreenShot of the first arena I'm creating. This time I've decided to take a side that makes the game look sketchy. To whoever the HELL is reading this...


Posted by Knyszekanimated - August 1st, 2008

My new little game is out!

Go and play it!


Posted by Knyszekanimated - May 26th, 2008

I've kinda disappeared for a while. Not that anyone really cares. Well PenBall is still in the works along with a game.... I have yet to give a name to...... Maybe Station B Blaster is a good name?... Whatever, anyway I've been hanging around XpoGames and I'm gonna be in the contest so that should be fun. My computer also screwed up and it couldn't start up. I backed up my files, formated the hard drive to its original factory settings, and reinstalled everything. Along with some new upgrades like a 4GB RAM and Windows Vista Service Pack 1. So for all the losers that are complaining about Vista, get the service pack! They fixed a lot of bugs and now it doesn't show 3.5GB RAM in System settings, it actually says 4.0 GB!!!!
Not much else to say i guess.