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That was unexpected.

I thought at the beginning that it was just a plain sprite movie. Done a MILLION times before. I was really suprised with the part with X0 lives. Everything played a lot more smoothly and suddenly you put your own art! I really liked the way your art fit well with the sprite. I dunno, it just FIT. I only had one problem, the way megaman killed him. It was kind of abrupt and uhh... I guess not quite epic enough. The ending was cliche but it still suprised me. I thought he would just win. All in all, 8/10.


Overall, this was a great animation. The only problem I had is, is that the art wasn't too good. But the animation of the fighting sticks was absolutely spectacular! (great use of the blur filter!) So, the only thing you should work on (if you make a third one) is background art and the weapons, and blasts and such.

btw, the first blast with all the symbols was pretty damn awesome! Next time just try not to use so much of the standard gradient, or make your own.


Ok, i too had dreams like that and they did bug me. My opinion is that maybe the image of yourself was running through the road of your own life. The nets were obstacles, and if you stood, the came up. The reason everything looked fake was because maybe, like the guy before me said you were living a lie. The darkness was probably there as an obstacle to obstruct your path. And when you finally reach the safe part, your life ends. Don't take this the wrong way but, maybe you die with only the neceseties and nothing extra, symbolizing the house. Meaning you could end up in a place with no pleasure or goodness which could be both a good thing and a bad thing. And that feeling in the end just is there to tell you that there is a message within your dream.


Anyway, great flash and concept. Loved the art.

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Ha! This game is pretty awesome and original compared to other puzzle platformers.
It kept me coming back to finally beat all 50 levels, and right now, I just played through it for the 4th time!
If you made another 50 levels, I would play them until the end no matter what!

Very Good!

Wow.. This game is well-executed and pretty enjoyable. The reason I gave it an 8 was because of lack of music, difficulty curve and graphics of the actually people. The graphics of everything else was good. Like the guy said below me, it got pretty enjoyable and started getting extremely hard. (Somewhere at the big blue guys). Music pretty much speaks for itself.

This is going to be a MAD MONDAY!!!

Very nice game, and well executed idea too!
Nice one!

5/5 & 10/10 & FAV'D

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Lol, that's pretty good. Reminds me of drupi.


Great! Sounds like the song for the first 5floors in Etrian Odyssey!
(That got stuck in my head so much... Until I got to floor 6)
(It's a great game btw!)


I usually don't write audio reviews, but when I heard this I couldn't contain myself!
The guitar is simply amazing!
I've seen some reviews refer to Steve Vai. Sadly, I've never heard of him. So I'm gonna go search wiki for him right now!

Musical-Pants responds:

Thanks a lot.
Definately Check Vai out, he is VERY good.
Appreciate you taking the time to write a review!


Hey! Not that anyone cares, but I'm a flash programinator! And just so you know, I do it out of pure fun. My site cl-17.com may seem serious, but it really isn't. Play the games and join the forums while your there!

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